Hi, I'm


~amateur web dev~

This website is part of the 512kb.club and 1mb.club!

About me

I am a 14 y/o, web dev.

I like to play tennis and go on bike rides. I am a big fan of clean UI and try to implement it into my own work. Check out my work on github and product hunt.

Check out my blog here!


🏜 Scape: new tab page (view ➞)

🚋 Tram Trace: tram tracker for melbourne (view ➞)

🙏 Prayer Times: prayer times for muslims (view ➞)

🎮 LoPixel: hypixel playtime tracker (view ➞)

🌤 Whyther: simple weather website (view ➞)

🎧 Statsify: spotify listening stats (view ➞)

📖 GrapeyDictionary: simple dictionary (view ➞)

🍇 Grape.css: grapey css (view ➞)

🍩 Donut.css: space/donut themed css (view ➞)


💻 Dev.to: an infrequent blog (view ➞)

🐙 GitHub: open source code <3 (view ➞)

🐦 Twitter: barely ever tweet (view ➞)

💬 Discord: very active (view ➞)

My Blog